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Healing Quest Season 12 Preview!

Featured Stories

  • Fermented Foods Pt. 1

    Food as medicine is a big topic for us at Healing Quest, which is why we were so pleased to spend time with Margaret Floyd. She’s an author, nutritional therapy practitioner and certified healing food specialist. Margaret says her accomplishments probably wouldn’t have happened without her own personal experience with food as medicine.

  • Fermented Foods Pt. 2

    In Fermented Foods Pt. 1 Margaret Floyd showed us how fermenting or culturing our foods preserves them and enhances their value.  Now, Margaret shows us how to use that technique to make traditional sauerkraut.  She says this kind of home cooking is a huge timesaver because she’s able to keep the sauerkraut for several months […]

  • Vitality Challenge with Dr. Pedram Shojai: Sleep

    Poor quality sleep is an increasing problem in our hectic world, so on this vitality challenge, Dr. Shojai shares some simple suggestions for making sure we get the restorative rest we need. What’s your vitality score? Click here to ake the challenge now! 

  • Nitric Oxide

    Nitric oxide is something most of us probably haven’t heard much about, but it’s a molecule that turns out to be very important. Note that Nitric Oxide should not be confused with Nitrous Oxide, which is a general anesthetic. Watch as we sit down with Dr. Bryan as he explains how nitric oxide improves things […]