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Judy’s Favorites

A few of my favorite healthy gift ideas for Mom


Vibes Up

“I Love all of their vibrational  therapy support products but during allergy season the brackets make it to the top of my list because they really help”   (

Vital Choice  Salmon Candy

Sockeye Salmon Candy“If you love salmon and have a sweet tooth you can’t go wrong with this healthy Salmon Candy”  (
A signature Northwest treat created and perfected by native coastal peoples

US Wellness Meats

“If steak is on the menu my favorite is the 6oz Filet Mignon also available in 3 and 9 Ounce, but a big fan of all their meats
Find out for yourself why Tenderloin Filet Mignon- 6 ounce is US Wellness Meats best-selling steak. It may be small, but it is packed with flavor and is one of the most tender steaks you can buy.
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Episode 1307

Season 13, Episode 7

Inner World: Women & The Brain Watch Segment on YouTube
Brain health is getting an unprecedented amount of attention and one result has been encouraging progress in dealing with diseases like A.L.S. But our Inner World Guide Michele Bernhardt says another result is the realization that brain health is an issue women really need to pay attention to.
Gloria Steinem
Regina Scully
Valerie Estess
Robin Morgan

Vibrational Therapy Watch Segment on YouTube
Energy as a natural force for healing is something we’ve long been interested in – things like Reiki and Healing Touch. So when Judy heard about tools that combine vibrational therapy and the wisdom of nature, she had to check them out.
Vibes Up
Kaitlin Keyt

Brain Food: Coconut Oil & Toxic Toll Watch Segment on YouTube
When it comes to nourishing our brain nutrition expert Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez says few foods are better for us than coconut oil. In fact he says coconut oil has exactly the right combination of saturated fats that our brain needs to thrive.

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Episode 1306

Season 13, Episode 6

Inner World: Dancing & Brain Health Watch Segment on YouTube
Dance has been part of the human experience since time immemorial, but one form of dance is now impressing both healers and scientists with its impact on mind, body and spirit. Our Inner World Guide Michele Bernhardt explains.
Petr Janata
Carina Moeller

Brain Food: Meat Watch Segment on YouTube
Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, our nutritional expert, says grass fed beef is not only great for protecting against heart disease and cancer, it’s also great brain food. We look at the science behind his advice.
Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Healthy Steak Dinner Watch Segment on YouTube
Cooking a steak just right is not always easy so we have a dynamic duo in the Healing Quest kitchen to share a delectable recipe and explain the unique nutritional benefits of the right kind of beef.
Laurie Cohen Peters
Elsa Chahin

Healing Moment: Flowers Watch Segment on YouTube
Connecting with the wonder of nature doesn’t always require a trip to a mountain, a meadow or a seacoast.

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Episode 1305

Season 13, Episode 5

Inner World: Mass Media & The Brain Watch Segment on YouTube
It’s been about 70 years since television became commonplace and it seems like we’ve been arguing ever since about what mass media is doing to our society, our culture and our brains. Now an explosion of new technologies has made that argument even more complicated. So our Inner World Guide Michele Bernhardt consults a world-class group of teachers, activists and commentators for their thoughts on media and our minds.
Susan Jang
Robin Morgan
Gloria Steinem
Regina Scully

Shamans In The ICU Watch Segment on YouTube
Dr. David Steinhorn and Jana Din are working on a profound new approach to healing. They’re integrating ancient shamanic practices into modern Western medicine and doing it in a part of the hospital where the difference between life and death often hangs on a very slender thread.
Dr. David Steinhorn
Jana Din

Brain Food: Fruits & Veggies Watch Segment on YouTube
When it comes to mealtime favorites potassium and magnesium probably aren’t on the list for most of us.

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