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Episode 1304

Season 13, Episode 4

Inner World: Princeton Neuroscience Institute Watch Segment on YouTube
At Princeton University a team of top neuroscientists is exploring the deepest reaches of inner space. Their goal is to understand how our brains work and what makes them malfunction. Our Inner World Guide Michele Bernhardt says their discoveries could someday heal some of our most intractable problems.
Jonathan Cohen

Brain Food: Fish Watch Segment on YouTube
When it comes to brain food fish are high on the recommended list, with a couple of caveats. So nutritional expert Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez helps us understand what to look for, and what to look out for, when we want to do the best job possible in nourishing our brain.
Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Salmon Recipe Watch Segment on YouTube
Wild-caught salmon is good for both brain and cardiovascular health but cooking it properly can be a challenge. So noted chef Rebecca Katz shows us how.
Rebecca Katz

Olive Oil Guidance Watch Segment on YouTube
Olive oil has been in the headlines recently because of the controversy over labels that say “extra virgin olive oil” and whether that’s what’s really in the bottles inside the labels.

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Episode 1303

Season 13, Episode 3

Inner World: Music & Brain Health Watch Segment on YouTube
A new frontier has opened in the effort to understand the mysterious connection between music and the mind.   We visit a noted researcher at the U-C Davis Center for Mind and Brain who’s exploring the awesome power of music to help us heal and the process by which that happens. Our Inner World Guide Michele Bernhardt tunes in to what he’s discovered.
Alive Inside
Regina Scully
Gloria Steinem
Petr Janata
Christine Stevens

Acupuncture’s Healing Power Watch Segment on YouTube
Acupuncture has been in use around the world for over two thousand years. Western medicine by and large has been slow to embrace it for anything more than pain relief. But acupuncture can sometimes have a much bigger — in some cases a life-saving — impact.
Dr. Ming Jin

Brain Food: Nuts Watch Segment on YouTube
Nuts are great brain food, especially three kinds that are not only terrific for our brain but also for our heart and liver.

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Episode 1302

Season 13, Episode 2

Inner World: Virtual Reality & Brain Health Watch Segment on YouTube
High-tech pioneers are building a new reality in the realm of wellness – virtual reality.   It’s a 21st century tool that can help heal some of humanity’s most primal ailments, including fear and phobias. Michele Bernhardt, our Inner World Guide, has an inside look.
Rothenberg Ventures
Mike Rothenberg

Brain Food: Dairy Watch Segment on YouTube
Dairy has been the subject of considerable no fat/low fat attention in recent years but now the pendulum is swinging back to milk, butter and cheese with healthy fats from free range, grass fed cows. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a nationally-known nutritional expert, explains why that’s especially good for our brain.
Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Eggs & Bacon Breakfast Watch Segment on YouTube
Carla DeLangre, our Certified Natural Chef, whips up a serving of “bloomin’ eggs” with a side of bacon and explains why this morning treat, with the right ingredients, delivers great taste and solid health benefits.

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Episode 1301

Season 13, Episode 1

The Farm to Table Fresh Food Movement Watch Segment on YouTube
Processed foods make up an estimated 70% of the U.S. diet. Nutritionists have said for years that if we want healthier bodies and brains we need to eat less processed and more fresh foods – organic if possible. Now a movement to support that is gaining momentum across the U.S.
Center For Land Based Learning
Craig McNamera
Michael Tuohy

Inner World: Project A.L.S. Watch Segment on YouTube
The experts say that by 2025 one in 25 of us will be living with a brain disease like ALS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or Huntington’s. Project A.L.S. is addressing that challenge by fostering unique scientific collaboration. But Michelle Bernhardt, our Inner World Guide, has found that they also say meeting this challenge will require a massive raising of public consciousness.
Project ALS
Valerie Estess
Regina Scully

Brain Food: Water & Salt Watch Segment on YouTube
Feeding our brain is essential to keeping it healthy so this season every Healing Quest episode includes expert advice on how best to accomplish this.

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Tools for Training a Positive Brain

Tools for Training a Positive Brain

By Pam Salvadore

You’ve heard the term “knee jerk reaction.” Well, our brains do the same type of thing. Through the course of our lives, our brains create neurological pathways which connect thoughts to reactions. These reactions manifest as emotions and physical experiences.

Until recently, it was generally accepted by medical professionals that once the brain has formed these neurological pathways, they could not be changed or influenced later in life.

In her book Brain Boosters: Seven Ways to Help Your Brain Help Yourself, Simone Ravicz, PhD, employs the newly proven concept of brain plasticity, the theory that we can reprogram our neurological pathways at any point throughout our lives. By combining brain plasticity with proven psychological treatments, Dr. Ravicz provides tools to accomplish this reprogramming, along with the insight to change thoughts, and our emotional and physical responses to them. If you have experienced phobias, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, PTSD, trauma, weight related issues, chronic pain, or any symptoms of other serious illness, Dr.

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Bacteria That’s Good For You

Bacteria That’s Good For You

A Desert Health review of Perlmutter’s Brain Maker By Pam Salvadore

It’s a fact that the brain controls the body, but what controls the brain? In his new book, Brain Maker, David Perlmutter, M.D., describes an emerging field of science that contends that the gut controls the health of the body, including the health of the brain.

As you may recall from Dr. Perlmutter’s first book on the subject, Grain Brain, the impact of grains in the diet was shown to influence the gut’s microbiota and, subsequently, the body’s health. While Grain Brain focused exclusively on the impact of grains, Brain Maker goes one step further by directly connecting all outside influences to the state of the gut’s microbiota, and showing the profound impact an unhealthy microbiome has – especially on the brain.

The gut, comprised of both the large and small intestines, is responsible for the metabolism of food and subsequent distribution of nutrients to the organs and cells of the human body.

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