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Our EMOTIONAL FITNESS segments delve into the fascinating world of mind-body medicine. Join us as we explore how consciousness and our emotional well-being can be important factors in determining our overall health. From interviews to reviews — we speak with leading-edge practitioners and authors in the field, and examine how new technology and products can help us all achieve a healthier state of mind.

Online Healing

Online Healing

Online Healing with Michele Bernhardt

The Internet has opened up whole new worlds for many of us but the Web has not exactly been noted for its spirituality.

Online HealingMichele Bernhardt is a gifted intuitive, teacher and author who’s launched a website called My Inner World, best described as a “spiritual gym” where we can get rid of the things that trouble us and get the guidance we need to live a synchronistic life that helps us connect with our heart and our soul.

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Inner World Media

Emotional Freedom

Emotional Freedom

Emotional Freedom Featuring Judith Orloff, MD

Emotional vampires are people who suck your energy dry. Everybody has experienced this, where you’re around somebody and suddenly feel like taking a nap.

Emotional FreedomJudith Orloff is a psychiatrist and nationally known author whose newest book Emotional Freedom draws on her years of experience helping people escape the clutches of an emotional vampire, as well as release negative patterns to achieve emotional freedom.

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Dr. Judith Orloff Official Website

Healing Media

Medicine for the Mind

Healing Media with Gary Malkin

Gary Malkin is an award-winning composer with a vision to use music and images to help transform our world.

Healing MediaThrough his Wisdom of the World project, his goal is to create media that is contemplative and integrative, and reminds us who we are and what matters most. He calls the results of this a “state of coherence” – a place where our heart and spirit and mind are equal jewels in the crown of human experience.

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Wisdom of the World
The Wisdom Project

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