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Our HEALING PROFILES feature lead stories that promise to inspire, inform and entertain. We report on practitioners who are shaping the world of integrative medicine, patients who found powerful healing alternatives while facing a serious health challenge, emerging trends in prevention and wellness care, and new (and sometimes very old) healing modalities that are taking off in the United States and are increasingly practiced around the world. Be sure to have your notepad ready — because these segments will bring you healing secrets you’ll not want to miss.


Integrative Medicine with Andrew Weil

Transforming the Culture of Health Care

Dr. Andrew Weil has been helping Americans take more control over their health for three decades. In the process he’s written numerous books and has become an internationally known figure in the field of health care.

Andrew WeilThe goal of Dr. Weil’s transformation in health care is an approach called integrative medicine. It’s an attempt to broaden the scope of medical thinking and practice to look at patients as whole persons, not just as symptoms, and to integrate lifestyle choices in the pursuit of optimum well-being.

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Talk To Your Doctor

How To Talk To Your Doc

Tips For Navigating the CAM System: How To Talk To Your Doctor

Dr. Ronald Hoffman is a New York City physician and nutritional expert who’s thought a lot about the relationship between doctor and patient.

Talk To Your DoctorHe says you can’t expect every doctor to embrace all aspects of complementary medicine, but at least they should understand what that is and be open to it. Hoffman says finding a physician committed to fully engaging their patients in all the new health options isn’t always easy but he does recommend one source – the American College for the Advancement of Medicine.

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Olivia Newton-John

Embracing Natural Wellness

Olivia Newton-John

Season Four kicks off with a new co-host, Olivia Newton-John. For more than three decades Olivia’s been delighting audiences around the world.

Olivia Newton-JohnIn that time she’s had numerous top ten singles and won most of the music industry’s top awards. She’s also been deeply involved in a variety of humanitarian, environmental and wellness efforts. What many people may not know about Olivia is that homeopathy, acupuncture, massage, meditation and yoga have been a big part of her life for a long time.

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Olivia Newton-John Cure Cancer

The Campaign to Cure Cancer

Olivia’s Great Wall Walk

Cancer is a huge problem not only in the U.S. but also in many places around the world.

Olivia Newton-John Cure CancerSo finding a cure has become a worldwide challenge, and Olivia led an amazing three-week event on the Great Wall of China to help fund the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Center in Melbourne, Australia. Friends, celebrities, sports stars and cancer survivors flew in from all around the world to help Olivia with the cause.

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Internal Pharmacy

Awakening Our Internal Pharmacy, Part I

Using the Five Senses in Ayurveda

Dr. David Simon, a distinguished physician and author and medical director of the Chopra Center, believes the most powerful pharmacy on the planet is the human body.

Internal PharmacyHe says we can awaken our internal pharmacy through the conscious use of our five senses, a basic principle of Ayurveda. By being attentive to what we’re hearing, how we’re being touched, what we see, what we taste and what we smell, we can awaken our internal healing chemistry that can treat a full range of health disorders.

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Awakening Our Internal Pharmacy, Part II

The Five Basic Elements in Ayurveda

Dr. David Simon, a distinguished physician and author and medical director of the Chopra Center, believes the most powerful pharmacy on the planet is the human body.

Five Elements Internal PharmacyHe says a simple way to be present and to utilize the energy information of our environment in order to awaken the internal pharmacy is to connect with the five basic elements, which in Ayurveda are known as space, air, fire, water and earth. This helps us to harmonize our inner environment with the outer, to integrate the body/mind with our spirit – which awakens us to our innate healing potential.

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Vibrational Healing

with TurboSonic

We’re made of energy and the practitioners who use the Turbosonic vibrating platform say this device stimulates our cells in a way that promotes better health.

Vibrational HealingIt uses sound and vibration to tone muscles and increase microcirculation, and they say the vertical vibration works all the muscles and cells in the body. It can help with inner core stability and has even been shown to help with weight loss!

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The New Frontier of Light Medicine

Acupuncture is something many of us are familiar with. Now there is a new therapy called Colorpuncture that uses the frequencies of light instead of needles to balance our nervous system and stimulate chi.

ColorpunctureTwo Colorpuncture therapists show us what to expect during a treatment, which usually includes the use of specific crystals and light wands. Combined with Kirilian photography, Colorpuncture has been shown to be an important tool to diagnose our energetic, psychological and to some extent even our spiritual state of being. Continue reading...


Healthy Digestion with Probiotics

Della’s Story

It turns out that having a “gut feeling” is not only a good guide for our intuition, it’s also an increasingly important factor in our overall health.

probioticsDella Porter didn’t want to quit her job and take a disability retirement. But 15 years of battling arthritis and fibromyalgia plus thyroid, sleep and blood pressure problems had taken a heavy tool. Then a naturopathic physician approached Della’s difficulties from a different perspective – focusing on the digestive system.

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Nutrition to Prevent Breast Cancer

Cheryl’s Story – Update

Cheryl Greene and her husband, Dr. Alan Greene, an author and pediatrician at Stanford University, just launched a new business venture together, and felt like life was going well and that they couldn’t imagine being any happier.

breast cancer nutritionThat’s when Cheryl found a lump in her breast. She and her husband looked at her family of origin and found no family history with cancer. Then they learned about the potential impact of Cheryl growing up on a conventional grape and raisin farm, where they used high levels of toxic pesticides that had clear links to breast cancer.

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