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Our HEALING PROFILES feature lead stories that promise to inspire, inform and entertain. We report on practitioners who are shaping the world of integrative medicine, patients who found powerful healing alternatives while facing a serious health challenge, emerging trends in prevention and wellness care, and new (and sometimes very old) healing modalities that are taking off in the United States and are increasingly practiced around the world. Be sure to have your notepad ready — because these segments will bring you healing secrets you’ll not want to miss.


Chi Running

Aligning With the Forces of Nature

Chris Griffin is a Master Instructor of something called Chi Walking and Chi Running. Both programs combine the inner focus of T’ai Chi with the physical movements of walking and running.

Chi RunningGriffin gives us helpful hints for improving our physical performance while avoiding injuries. He also shows us how exercise can be a mindful practice – bringing presence, awareness and intention – capacities which can serve us in all areas of life.

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Chi Running Website

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Healing Touch

New Therapies for Hospitals

A new kind of therapy is finding its way into hospitals all across the country called Healing Touch, a type of energy medicine that works with the subtle energy / bio field of the patient.

Healing TouchHealing Touch has been endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association and is part of their ongoing effort to integrate complementary and alternative modalities into mainstream clinical practice. Touch is now part of patient care in more than 30 U.S. hospitals.

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Greenwich Hospital
Healing Touch Programs

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Are You Toxic?

Whole Body Cleanse

Almost all of us have to deal with scores of toxins everyday. That’s why an increasing number of health professionals are recommending that we periodically cleanse our bodies from the inside out.

Body Cleanse

Dr. Holly Lucille is a naturopathic physician and former president of the California Naturopathic Association. She tells us about how virtually everyone can benefit from giving the body’s natural detox systems a boost with a regular internal cleansing.

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Enzymatic Therapy

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Sweat Lodges

Purification From the Inside Out

Sweat lodges are an integral part of the healing practices in many indigenous cultures.

Sweat LodgesMaka’ala Yates has been teaching and practicing Hawaiian healing concepts for over 25 years, and was Judy and Roy’s guide for a ceremony in the House of Purification, or the Hale Pu Lo O Lo O, a small hut made with sticks from the forest and covered with lowhala woven leaves. It’s both a physical and a spiritual experience that reminds us of who we are and that we’re all connected.

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Ritz Carlton Kapalua

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Hawaiian Massage

The Practice of Iluna A’e

Iluna a’e is similar to a massage, but is much, much more. Iluna means upwards and a’e means direction in and upwardly direction.

Hawaiian MassageAccording to practitioner Kapi’ioho Okaolani, it is to elevate ourselves to a higher level spiritually. Part of that spiritual focusing looks at issues that are deeply embedded in us and that cause our body has to respond in unhealthy ways. Iluna a’e uses the hands and intuition to perform basic maintenance on the body and release those blockages.

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Ritz Carlton Kapalua

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Integrative Medicine

with Soram Khalsa, MD

For Dr. Soram Khalsa, a board certified internist, acupuncturist, homeopathist, nutritionist and master yoga practitioner, integrative medicine is the idea of integrating the best of conventional medicine with all other modalities of therapy we’ve come to call complimentary and alternative medicine.

Integrative MedicineHe believes tour consciousness as a nation needs to change so self-care becomes an integral part of how to stay well and promote well-being.

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Dr. Soram Khalsa Official Website

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Burning Calories in Your Sleep

The Muscle Mass Factor

It’s typical for a person to be burning somewhere between 1200 and 1700 calories per day just because of the energy that it takes to maintain your body’s normal functioning.

Burn Calories

One of the primary determinants of that is how much lean tissue you have in your body, and the largest lean tissue that most people have is muscle. Researchers at Purdue University say you even burn calories while you nap. In fact, your body burns about 10 to 15 calories an hour for every pound of muscle you have in your body.

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University of Purdue

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Holistic Eye Health

Exercise for Ocular Fitness 

Every second your brain receives 3 million messages, and of those 2 billion comes from your eyes! It’s no wonder that since our eyes work so hard that they can eventually encounter all kinds of problems.

Eye Health

Hardly anyone needs glasses when they are born, yet two-thirds of the population wears glasses. Jacob Liberman, an author and inventor trained in the science of optometry, says the modern epidemic of vision problems is the result of working indoors, and shows eye exercises that can actually improve our eyesight.

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