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Our NATURAL MEDICINE UPDATE segments help you navigate the sometimes overwhelming world of nutritional supplements and natural medicine products. Our experts address the root causes of some of the most common health challenges, and tell us about high-quality products that have performed well in clinical trials. Before you begin your search for the product that’s right for you, start with one of our informative segments to point you in the right direction.


Soft Tissue Repair with Cordia

If you’ve ever sprained an ankle, developed tennis elbow or spend a weekend remodeling, you know that nagging soft tissue pain can take forever to heal.

What’s more, the conventional medicine community often prescribes synthetic medicines for relief, but with side effects you’d probably just as soon avoid. But an all-natural alternative has arrived based on centuries-old wisdom from Brazil.

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PhytoRich: Cordia Extreme

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Bone Health

Supplements for Bone Health

Osteoporosis is a major problem looming over our society. It’s no longer just an “old woman’s” issue and is increasingly affecting young men and women in their 20’s and even late teens.

Dr. Marcus Laux tells us how a specific protein transforms stem cells into bone and cartilage-building powerhouses. Assisting with this Osteo-Induction process are new natural supplements that, when combined with weight bearing exercise, are helping reduce the onset of osteoporosis and joint problems.

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Ostinol FAQ

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Skin Repair

Skin Repair with AC-11

A thorn-bearing vine from the Amazon rainforest called Cat’s Claw is an effective anti-microbial with immune-enhancing properties for helping heal many discomforts from infections to infestations.

Cat’s Claw also shows major promise in improving DNA repair caused by oxidative stress and in reversing UVB sunburn damage.

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Sotru: Sun Repair
PhytoRich: AC-11

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Green Drinks

Green Drinks

Dr. Marcus Laux has a prescription for making sure those healthy drinks really are all they claim to be.

For years, health enthusiasts have been getting essential ingredients from green drinks, with algae’s like spirulina and chlorella, or cereal grasses like wheat and barley. But Dr. Laux says we need to be careful because many of those green drinks have ingredients that aren’t so good for us.

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Sotru: Organic Greens
PhytoRich: Green Complete

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