Kaitlin Keyt

Kaitlyn Keyt

VibesUP was born in Folsom California in 2006 by Kaitlyn Keyt, a mom with a unique connection and passion for Nature. She explains that nature is very scientific, humorous and the ultimate solver. As a result of listening to the wisdom in nature she now has over 100 solution inventions with 11 visionary awards. She runs these nature inspired ideas past physicists and has them tested by machines and is always thrilled as the three come together to validate each other.

These tools started at her kitchen table and as a result of their effectiveness and with the help of her ‘nature loving’ warm hearted, customers they have spread word of mouth around the globe. Kaitlyn, her two sons Alex 22, Bailey 19 and her helpers who she affectionately calls ‘the elves’ now hand make these tools with care, in a thriving creation center in Northern California. In addition to inventions Kaitlyn is passionate about teaching others about nature’s common sense understandings that can be applied to our everyday lives and reminding us that we all have the ability to learn from nature and listen to the wisdom of our hearts, making empowered choices for ourselves and our families. Official Website>>

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