Mat Cover

Sink into softness. Raise your vibrations.

Bamboo & Organic Cotton Blend
Added Cushion and Comfort
Protects Against
Mat Surface
Machine-Washable and Quick to Dry


Mat Cover



The HigherDOSE Mat Cover was designed to fit on top of your Infrared PEMF Mat – adding cushion, comfort, and heat protection to your experience while making clean-up between sessions effortless.

Supremely soft and extremely absorbent, the Mat Cover is crafted from a blend of bamboo viscose and combed long-staple cotton. It’s machine-washable, quick to dry, and designed with a strap at the bottom to secure to your Mat.

This elevated device accessory makes it easy to refresh your good vibes station between sessions. The soft fibers of the towel protect against infrared heat and smooth out the crevices on the device body created by the layer of healing crystals.

Why Bamboo? These innovative fibers are a healthy, environmentally friendly option – especially if you intend to sweat. Bamboo is 45% more breathable than cotton alternatives, has a natural antibacterial function, absorbs 1.5 times the amount of water as a standard cotton towel, and is specially constructed to absorb harmful substances and bad odors.


PEMF Mat (Full-Size): 73″ x 29″
Go Mat: 39″ x 19.5″

Material: 35% Rayon from Bamboo / 65% Organic Cotton Terry

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