Organic Essential Oils

Organic Essential Oils



Silver Makes Scents. Engage Your Senses and Purify Your Space with Silver Infused Essential Oils.

Unlike any other Essential Oils on the market, TRU47 Organic Essential Oils are derived by extracting the pure pressed essence of  plants, flowers, roots and peels. All are custom formulated with Pure Silver and 100% organic botanical essences.

Organic Essential Oils have been used for aromatic wellness therapies for centuries because of their immunity and mood enhancing properties. Silver, a  known antimicrobial, can help purify and deodorize the air when diffused. By adding high quality Silver (400 PPM) — nature’s own antimicrobial – our Oils offer increased wellness benefits when simply diffused into the air.

Choose from 19 organic essential oils, all are undiluted and available in single-note and unique custom blends.  A contemporary Nebulizer and portable Diffuser make using easy, anywhere. No water needed.

Each oil contains 15mL (300 drops).

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