US Wellness Meats Fresh Cut Pork Chops

Premium heirloom bone-in Fresh Cut Pork Chops are waiting for your skillet or grill.

US Wellness Meats’ pork producers have rolled the clock back 30 years for pork genetics that yield an abundance of natural flavor without the need for modern additives for weight and flavor. US Wellness Meats thinks you will agree that the flavor is hard to beat.

Each package contains 2 (6 ounce) Fresh Cut Pork Chops. The package averages 12 ounces.


US Wellness Meats Fresh Cut Pork Chops


The foodies out there know that pork tends to be in most cult-classic grubs. From bacon to breakfast sausage, to pork chops, pork tends to attract attention no matter how you cook it or where you put it. The thing is, mass production has been worse to pork than any other meat. Most supermarket pork products are full of additives like nitrates, nitrites, and sugars, and the result is a product that is less tasty and much less healthy. We believe there is a better way.

All of our pasture-raised heritage pork is from like-minded, sustainable family farms. Our animals forage for food in open pastures while being supplemented with non-GMO feed. They aren’t given any antibiotics, GMOs, or added hormones. We even offer sugar-free pork products like our top-selling pork bacon made with only pork and sea salt! Whatever US Wellness Meat pastured pork product you choose, you can rest assured that you are eating the cleanest, tastiest, and most sustainable pork available in the United States. Enjoy.

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