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Natural Menopause Remedy

Black Cohosh

Menopause may be a natural part of a woman’s life, but for many it’s not a lot of fun.  A number of pharmaceutical approaches to menopause have been developed, but many have side-effects.  It turns out that of the different herbal remedies, the only one that has good, documented efficacy is actually black cohosh.  We ask two experts who’ve come to appreciate this plant rooted in North American native wisdom.

Chi Running

Aligning With the Forces of Nature

Chris Griffin is a Master Instructor of something called Chi Walking and Chi Running.  Both programs combine the inner focus of T’ai Chi with the physical movements of walking and running.  Griffin gives us helpful hints for improving our physical performance while avoiding injuries.  He also shows us how exercise can be a mindful practice – bringing presence, awareness and intention – capacities which can serve us in all areas of life.

Nutrition Tip

Organic Smoothies

Powdered green supplements may be good for us, but they don’t always taste great.  Marlene Sorosky joins us in the Healing Quest kitchen to make a power shake that packs a great taste along side Maca and other healthy ingredients from the Amazon rainforest.  Add a little ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt and turn it into a healthy dessert everyone will love.

Healing Wisdom with Deepak Chopra

The Law of Least Effort

According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, we in our culture have become brainwashed to believe that hard work, exacting plans and driving ambition is the way to succeed.  While it might be, by the time you get what you want you may also have high blood pressure, you’re addicted to drugs and your children have joined a gang.  By not always looking for a response about the future, or regretting the past, Chopra says we accept the present moment and the Universe begins providing us what we want – with minimal effort.

Healing Moment: Nature Meditation

Olivia Newton-John / David Fortney

The music for this week’s Healing Moment comes from Olivia Newton-John’s Grace and Gratitude CD.  This inspiring work is based on her belief that music has the power to heal by calming our minds, lifting our spirits and connecting to our hearts.  Olivia’s music is accompanied by nature images from award-winning cinematographer David Fortney, whose work has been recognized internationally for its beauty and realism.

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