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The True Value of Organics

Proven Benefits of Organic Food and Farming

There is a common myth that organic food is for the elite, it’s a luxury item, and in tough economic times it’s something that should perhaps go by the wayside.  But Dr. Alan Greene, a nationally-known author, clinical professor of pediatrics at Stanford University and member of the board of directors of The Organic Center, tells us that we need to think about our well-being from a long-term perspective.  Investing today in organic food and farming, he says, helps us to stop borrowing against our futures, both in terms of our personal health and the health of the planet.


The New Frontier of Light Medicine

Acupuncture is something many of us are familiar with.  Now there is a new therapy called Colorpuncture that uses the frequencies of light instead of needles to balance our nervous system and stimulate chi.  Two Colorpuncture therapists show us what to expect during a treatment, which usually includes the use of specific crystals and light wands.  Combined with Kirilian photography, Colorpuncture has been shown to be an important tool to diagnose our energetic, psychological and to some extent even our spiritual state of being.

Nutrition Segment

One-Pot Organic Pasta Recipe

Jesse Cool is an organic food pioneer, prolific author and owner of three organic restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She shows us how to prepare an easy one-pot, seven-ingredient, 10-minute pasta recipe to get any cooking recluse back into the kitchen.  With garden fresh ingredients including cabbage, garlic and herbs, this is one cost-friendly recipe you’ll want to have on-hand to please the taste buds of your hungry family.

Healing Wisdom with Deepak Chopra

On Emotional and Physical Flexibility

Flexibility is a critical component of lifelong good health.  Dr. Deepak Chopra tells us that a healthy body is a flexible body.  He says cultivating a flexible consciousness is an important underlying aspect of physical health, that if we’re rigid in our consciousness, that will express its rigidity in our body because the mind and body are inseparable.  In addition to physical disciplines like yoga, he says the ability to let go of our rigid attachments to a specific outcome is one of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves.

Healing Moment Nature Meditation

Olivia Newton-John

The music for this week’s Healing Moment comes from Olivia Newton-John’s Grace and Gratitude CD.  This inspiring work is based on her belief that music has the power to heal by calming our minds, lifting our spirits and connecting to our hearts.  Olivia’s music is accompanied by nature images from award-winning cinematographer David Fortney, whose work has been recognized internationally for its beauty and realism.

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