Healing Quest: Episode #906


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Emotional Fitness

Emotional Fitness Overview

Marcus Laux & Joan Borysenko

Two natural health experts give us their views on emotional fitness and the importance of being gentle with ourselves.

Myth Buster

Dealing With Stress

One myth of modern times, according to Dr. Howard Murad, is that it’s not possible to avoid the stresses of daily life. Dr. Murad has a very different view of that, in this Myth Buster segment.

Heart Math’s emWave

It may now be possible to hold in the palm of our hand a way to stay emotionally balanced. The device is called an emWave and it’s designed to keep our emotions and our mind, body and spirit in alignment.

Deepak Chopra

The Importance of Flexibility

Another important part of emotional fitness is maintaining flexibility, both physically and psychologically. Dr. Deepak Chopra has some advice for accomplishing that.

Cookus Interruptus

Rosemary Red Soup

Cynthia Lair, host of this quirky online feature, shows us how to make Rosemary Red Soup, which includes an ingredient thought to magnify the healing properties of all the food in the recipe.

Healing Moment

We dive into an underwater universe, accompanied by relaxing music from Gary Malkin’s “Graceful Passages.”

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