Episode 1101

Season 11, Episode 1

Nutritional experts say we need to change the way we think about fats and start incorporating healthy fats into our daily diet. Dr. Alan Greene shows us that some old ideas about food preferences have been updated. Chefs create an amazing, healthy steak dinner. Also, a healing moment with Olivia Newton-John.

HEALTHY FATS Watch Segment on YouTube
Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF):  www.westonaprice.org
U.S Wellness Meats:  www.grasslandbeef.com
Lindy Woodard, M.D.:   www.pediatricalternatives.com
Deanna Cherrone, M.D.: www.naturalhealthandhealing.net
Bear Walker : www.circleofhealthonline.com

FOOD PREFERENCES PART 1 Watch Segment on YouTube
Dr. Alan Greene: http://www.drgreene.com

HEALTHY STEAK DINNER Watch Segment on YouTube
Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF): www.westonaprice.org
U.S Wellness Meats: www.grasslandbeef.com
Laurie Cohen Peters:  www.lcphealthworks.com
Elsa Chahin:  www.kidsinthehouse.com

VITALITY CHALLENGE – Tai Chi Watch Segment on YouTube
Pedram Shojai: www.well.org

INNER WORLD- Intuition Watch Segment on YouTube
Michele Bernhardt: www.facebook.com
Watch Michele Bernhardt: www.youtube.com

Olivia Newton-John:  www.olivianewton-john.com
David Fortney: www.davidfortney.com

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