Episode 1103

Season 11, Episode 3

Experts provide a better understanding of how much and what kind of salt is best for us. Energy medicine can help us avoid things like pharmaceutical drugs and invasive surgery. Inner World Guide Michele Bernhardt teaches us that one of the most important qualities for us to own is a sense of our personal self worth.

AVOIDING GMO’s  Watch Segment on YouTube
Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF): www.westonaprice.org
U.S Wellness Meats:  www.grasslandbeef.com
Institute for Responsible Technology: www.responsibletechnology.org
Non GMO Project: www.nongmoproject.org

ENERGY MEDICINE: Biomodulator Watch Segment on YouTube
Jerry Tennant: www.tennantinstitute.com
Senergy Medical Group: www.senergy.us

HEALTHY SALT Watch Segment on YouTube
Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF): www.westonaprice.org
Selina Delangre: www.selinanaturally.com
Dr. Frank King: www.drfrankking.com

VITALITY CHALLENGE: Sleep Watch Segment on YouTube
Pedram Shojai: www.well.org

INNER WORLD: Worthiness Watch Segment on YouTube
Michele Bernhardt: www.facebook.com
Watch Michele Bernhardt: www.youtube.com

Olivia Newton-John:  www.olivianewton-john.com
David Fortney: www.davidfortney.com

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