Episode 1104

Season 11, Episode 4

Top executives from biotech corporations speak out on the GMO controversy. Bear Walker teaches us about bio energetic testing and his approach to cellular health. Nutritional therapy practitioner Margaret Floyd explains that fermenting or culturing our foods helps preserve them and enhances their value.

CEO’S AGAINST GMO’S  Watch Segment on YouTube
Sally Fallon – Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF): www.westonaprice.org
John Wood – U.S Wellness Meats:  www.grasslandbeef.com
Institute for Responsible Technology: www.responsibletechnology.org
Michael Potter: www.edenfoods.com
Non GMO Project: www.nongmoproject.org

CELLULAR WELLNESS Watch Segment on YouTube
U.S Wellness Meats:  www.grasslandbeef.com
Bear Walker: www.circleofhealthonline.com  |  www.uscellwellness.com

FERMENTED FOODS PART 1 Watch Segment on YouTube
Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF): www.westonaprice.org
Margaret Floyd | Eat Naked: www.eatnakednow.com  |  facebook.com/takeitalloff

INNER WORLD: Everyday Wins Watch Segment on YouTube
Michele Bernhardt: www.facebook.com
Watch Michele Bernhardt: www.youtube.com

Gary Malkin: www.wisdomoftheworld.com
David Fortney: www.davidfortney.com

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