Episode 1106

Season 11, Episode 6

A veterinarian has developed a holistic approach to pet-care that’s attracting national attention. Acids, fungus and dirt have a big impact on keeping us all healthy by delivering vital nutrients. Dr. Shojai teaches us a simple way to strengthen our sternum and our knees. Also, a healing moment with Olivia Newton-John.

HOLISTIC VET & PET FOOD STORE Watch Segment on YouTube
Dr. Bob & Susan Goldstein: www.healingcenterforanimals.com

HUMIC & FULVIC Watch Segment on YouTube
Mother Earth Labs: www.motherearthlabs.com
Jerry Tennant & Biomodulator : www.senergy.us

VITALITY CHALLENGE: The Core Watch Segment on YouTube
Pedram Shojai: www.well.org

INNER WORLD: Animal Companions Watch Segment on YouTube
Michele Bernhardt: www.facebook.com
Watch Michele Bernhardt: www.youtube.com

Olivia Newton-John:  www.olivianewton-john.com
David Fortney: www.davidfortney.com

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