Episode 1302

Season 13, Episode 2

Inner World: Virtual Reality & Brain Health Watch Segment on YouTube
High-tech pioneers are building a new reality in the realm of wellness – virtual reality.   It’s a 21st century tool that can help heal some of humanity’s most primal ailments, including fear and phobias. Michele Bernhardt, our Inner World Guide, has an inside look.
Rothenberg Ventures
Mike Rothenberg

Brain Food: Dairy Watch Segment on YouTube
Dairy has been the subject of considerable no fat/low fat attention in recent years but now the pendulum is swinging back to milk, butter and cheese with healthy fats from free range, grass fed cows. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a nationally-known nutritional expert, explains why that’s especially good for our brain.
Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Eggs & Bacon Breakfast Watch Segment on YouTube
Carla DeLangre, our Certified Natural Chef, whips up a serving of “bloomin’ eggs” with a side of bacon and explains why this morning treat, with the right ingredients, delivers great taste and solid health benefits.
Selina Naturally
Carla Delangre

Healthy Wheat Opinion Watch Segment on YouTube
Executive Chef Michael Tuohy gives us his view about the gluten in our diet and about the healthy options on which he advises us to focus.
Michael Tuohy

Healing Moment: Sunrise Watch Segment on YouTube
What is it about a pretty beach and the ocean at sunrise that evokes not only romance, but also peace and serenity? If it’s been a while since you’ve been there, we hope you’ll relax and enjoy our Healing Moment from cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg with music by John Hoy.
Louie Schwartzberg
John Hoy

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