Episode 1303

Season 13, Episode 3

Inner World: Music & Brain Health Watch Segment on YouTube
A new frontier has opened in the effort to understand the mysterious connection between music and the mind.   We visit a noted researcher at the U-C Davis Center for Mind and Brain who’s exploring the awesome power of music to help us heal and the process by which that happens. Our Inner World Guide Michele Bernhardt tunes in to what he’s discovered.
Alive Inside
Regina Scully
Gloria Steinem
Petr Janata
Christine Stevens

Acupuncture’s Healing Power Watch Segment on YouTube
Acupuncture has been in use around the world for over two thousand years. Western medicine by and large has been slow to embrace it for anything more than pain relief. But acupuncture can sometimes have a much bigger — in some cases a life-saving — impact.
Dr. Ming Jin

Brain Food: Nuts Watch Segment on YouTube
Nuts are great brain food, especially three kinds that are not only terrific for our brain but also for our heart and liver. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, our nutritional expert, explains.
Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez
Margaret Floyd

Healing Moment: Waterfalls Watch Segment on YouTube
Water is essential to life on Planet Earth and it’s also central to our connection to nature. So water is the subject of today’s Healing Moment featuring the spectacular footage of cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg and the beautiful music of John Hoy.
Louie Schwartzberg
John Hoy

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