Episode 1304

Season 13, Episode 4

Inner World: Princeton Neuroscience Institute Watch Segment on YouTube
At Princeton University a team of top neuroscientists is exploring the deepest reaches of inner space. Their goal is to understand how our brains work and what makes them malfunction. Our Inner World Guide Michele Bernhardt says their discoveries could someday heal some of our most intractable problems.
Jonathan Cohen

Brain Food: Fish Watch Segment on YouTube
When it comes to brain food fish are high on the recommended list, with a couple of caveats. So nutritional expert Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez helps us understand what to look for, and what to look out for, when we want to do the best job possible in nourishing our brain.
Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Salmon Recipe Watch Segment on YouTube
Wild-caught salmon is good for both brain and cardiovascular health but cooking it properly can be a challenge. So noted chef Rebecca Katz shows us how.
Rebecca Katz

Olive Oil Guidance Watch Segment on YouTube
Olive oil has been in the headlines recently because of the controversy over labels that say “extra virgin olive oil” and whether that’s what’s really in the bottles inside the labels. For guidance on this topic we turned to Craig McNama, president of the California Board of Food and Agriculture and a veteran olive oil producer.
Craig McNamara

Healing Moment: Snow Watch Segment on YouTube
California’s Yosemite Valley draws millions of people every year to walk the trails, breathe the air and marvel at the magnificent landscape. But relatively few get to see it as we do in our Healing Moment – on a snowy winter day – courtesy of cinematographer Louie Shwartzberg with music by John Hoy.
Louie Schwartzberg
John Hoy

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