Episode 1305

Season 13, Episode 5

Inner World: Mass Media & The Brain Watch Segment on YouTube
It’s been about 70 years since television became commonplace and it seems like we’ve been arguing ever since about what mass media is doing to our society, our culture and our brains. Now an explosion of new technologies has made that argument even more complicated. So our Inner World Guide Michele Bernhardt consults a world-class group of teachers, activists and commentators for their thoughts on media and our minds.
Susan Jang
Robin Morgan
Gloria Steinem
Regina Scully

Shamans In The ICU Watch Segment on YouTube
Dr. David Steinhorn and Jana Din are working on a profound new approach to healing. They’re integrating ancient shamanic practices into modern Western medicine and doing it in a part of the hospital where the difference between life and death often hangs on a very slender thread.
Dr. David Steinhorn
Jana Din

Brain Food: Fruits & Veggies Watch Segment on YouTube
When it comes to mealtime favorites potassium and magnesium probably aren’t on the list for most of us. But that’s why we have nutritional experts like Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez to explain why these two minerals are so important to keeping our brain healthy.
Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Healing Moment: Butterflies Watch Segment on YouTube
What creature tastes its food with its feet and is astoundingly colorful yet technically transparent? They’re the subject of this episode’s Healing Moment from cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg with music from John Hoy.
Louie Schwartzberg
John Hoy

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