Episode 1307

Season 13, Episode 7

Inner World: Women & The Brain Watch Segment on YouTube
Brain health is getting an unprecedented amount of attention and one result has been encouraging progress in dealing with diseases like A.L.S. But our Inner World Guide Michele Bernhardt says another result is the realization that brain health is an issue women really need to pay attention to.
Gloria Steinem
Regina Scully
Valerie Estess
Robin Morgan

Vibrational Therapy Watch Segment on YouTube
Energy as a natural force for healing is something we’ve long been interested in – things like Reiki and Healing Touch. So when Judy heard about tools that combine vibrational therapy and the wisdom of nature, she had to check them out.
Vibes Up
Kaitlin Keyt

Brain Food: Coconut Oil & Toxic Toll Watch Segment on YouTube
When it comes to nourishing our brain nutrition expert Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez says few foods are better for us than coconut oil. In fact he says coconut oil has exactly the right combination of saturated fats that our brain needs to thrive.
Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Healing Moment: Sunset Watch Segment on YouTube
Watching the sun set is one of the most common ways we have to appreciate our connection with nature. So relax now with the images of cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg and the music of John Hoy as day gently turns to night.
Louie Schwartzberg

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