Episode 906

Emotional Fitness

Season 9, Episode 6

Dr. Howard Murard believes that it is possible to avoid the stresses of daily life. It is more possible than ever to remain emotionally balanced, with a device called an emWave. Plus, a healing moment with incredible underwater footage.

Emotional Fitness Overview with Marcus Laux & Joan Borysenko Watch Segment on YouTube
Joan Borysenko: www.joanborysenko.com
Isha Foundation: blog.ishafoundation.org

Myth Buster on Dealing with Stress Watch Segment on YouTube

Heart Math’s EmWave Watch Segment on YouTube

Deepak Chopra on The Importance of Flexibility Watch Segment on YouTube
Deepak Chopra: deepakchopra.com
The Chopra Center: www.chopra.com

Cookus Interruptus: Rosemary Red Soup  Watch Segment on YouTube

Healing Moment
Gary Malkin: www.wisdomoftheworld.com

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